Welcome to Webwithdunn!
The World Wide Web can be an entertaining place. Full of thrill and wonder, a space for everyone alike or different to come together to share their thoughts and life experiences. Webwithdunn is here to inspire moms to Find The Fun
Seek Experiences ∞ Live Creatively and Try The Food creating a community space for millennial moms of the world, to know it's ok to have a life outside their relationship of being a mom. So, follow me on the Web as I explore the world with my family, friends, and sometimes solo for fun travel stories, mom experiences, and culinary adventures! 
Oh yeah! And Hi I'm Bryana
    Last name Dunn. (It all makes sense now right?) I'm a Floridian, but let's set the record straight. I love Publix subs and having Publix everywhere I turn, but I like cold weather. I was born in Florida, and then spent some of my younger years in State College, Pennsylvania; it has a special place in my heart. Then, back to Florida it was and haven’t left since. I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!). I worked for Publix for eight years while I "figured it out", had my first daughter at twenty-one, and dabbled in corporate life. Fast-forward to today I have a long time partner, a second little girl, and I'm blessed to work full-time as a blogger. Webwithdunn is filled with all my favorite things---food, travel, and mom life, so stay a little while. 
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