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FireLols Vika 023 Mylola Candygirls Amusing Kids Lolitashouse Sundolls Xlola Wmv.21



0/7/2021-23h59.A city centre newsagent has warned shoppers not to buy “dirty money” as the UK closes in on the deadline for an official snapshot of its financial system. Albert Bryant’s took advantage of the City of London’s campaign to raise awareness of what it sees as an “urgent need” to keep the “high street economy healthy and competitive” to remind shoppers of the need to pay cash. The shop has set up a table for customers with specially designed notepaper to remind them of the need to pay with cash, especially in its busiest times of the week, such as payday. A spokesman said: “The notepaper is an in-store product, which we’ve found generates a lot of interest. We don’t promote any products in-store. We’re not affiliated with any particular product but we’ve found that people who choose to pay with cash are interested.” The city is currently testing new ways to raise awareness of the importance of paying with cash, including posters and promotional leaflets posted outside high streets and newsagents. In the run-up to the deadline on 31 March to meet the cash at point of sale (PoS) regulations, the city’s finance committee and the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) are launching a series of adverts in local media aimed at raising awareness of the need to pay with cash. The campaign encourages people to stick with cash because of its convenience, security and anonymity. The ads are broadcast via TV and digital platforms and targeted at younger audiences. The city’s PoS regulations require that all payments must be made with cash, or debit and credit cards only if there is a penalty for payment by card, and customers must be given the option to pay by card or cash. Paul Salter, the city’s deputy mayor for financial services, said: “I am delighted that the high street is so busy this week. We need to make sure it stays that way. “The city is a world leader in digital payments, and our high street is one of the key economic drivers for London, keeping our businesses alive and thriving. That’s why it is so important that we show the UK what a healthy high street looks like – that the high street is open to all, and