At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

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Post sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All teeth whitening opinions are my own as always on Webwithdunn.

Your mouth is the gateway to a lot of working parts in your body make up so taking care of one's teeth is important! Having the time to keep your teeth pearly white takes a little bit more. The foods we eat don't help and there are so many products out there to whiten teeth, how do we choose? As a mom of two I already don't have enough time in the day. I know when I look for teeth whitening products I look for teeth whiteners that have simple steps, little hassle, time effective, and gives me the results I need. This is where Smile Brilliant came in for me.

What Is Smile Brilliant?

Smile Brilliant is an at home whitening kit that's a safe method for whitening teeth without enamel removal and anyone that wants stain-free teeth can use this product. With a couple easy steps it' also worry free. Smile Brilliant is a "Teeth Whitener" but whoever coined that term didn't specify exactly what that means. A teeth whitener like Smile Brilliant removes stains so your teeth can get as close to their natural color which doesn't necessarily mean white. Be aware that with using any teeth whitener but particularly Smile Brilliant results will vary. Some see results within 4-7 days, some may need 10-14 days of treatment with Smile Brilliant before seeing any difference. I always say the longer the use the better the results I saw results in over 14 days. Just remember that all teeth are not created equal. Do I have you curious enough yet- to say yes to Smile Brilliant?

How Does It Work?

Step 1.

Make your molds- This is super important since this step creates your trays that fit on your teeth. They are not hard plastic but more flexible type plastic and are pretty comfortable in my opinion. If molding is done right they should form perfectly to the natural shape of your teeth. I was able to wear the trays for hours at a time while doing other busy mom things and even when taking a shower too. Bonus Points for being able to multitask in these! Just a few easy steps with some putty like dough and then a few bites and boom! Ready for step TWO!

Step 2.

Mail them in- Because everything is given to you in your Smile Brilliant package to make your life easier no postage is needed. You are provided with a pre-paid envelope to send your trays in.

Step 3.

Ready for Action- Once you have received your trays you are now ready to put the product to the test. I should mention that the only side effect is sensitivity on your gums and teeth but they have a desensitizing gel to help with that. I only had a sensitivity when I started but it soon subsided. Begin to brush your teeth with just water beforehand and floss if needed. Then add a very thin layer of the teeth whitening Gel in your molds and place them over your teeth. Instructions say to wear at least an hour for best results but the first day I did Forty-five minutes and gradually upped my time each day. (Tip* Do this at night so you're not tempted to eat after. Right before bed is best). You also, only need to whiten your teeth once a day no need to do it more than that.

Step 4.

Brush Those Teeth-Now that you have had the trays in your mouth for an extended period of time it's time to now use the desensitizing gel on your trays for another 10-15 minutes to lock in your teeth whitening and then brush your teeth with toothpaste and water. Once completed you're all set!

Step 5.

Repeat- The above 4 steps as needed for your whiter smile!


Wow right? You may be asking if getting professional teeth whitening is a better option to get better results? Well, Studies show that whitening done at home is similar if not more effective than laser whitening at the dentist office or a professional who offers it. Teeth Whitening can also cost around $400-1500$ depending on where you go. When doing laser treatments you have to wait two- months minimum in between your next appointment due to the nature of the lasers and how too much at once can be harmful to your teeth. Now, all this information isn't to deter you away from doing what's best but to give you facts and research to make a sound decision. I've tried many options to get whiter and brighter teeth (charcoal toothpaste, strips, gel, etc.) and Smile Brilliant has really shown to be the creme de la creme for me I never realized how yellow my teeth were- truly a difference!

The best part? Not happy with your results? There’s a 30 day money back guarantee too. With Smile Brilliant, you can whiten your teeth safely at home for as low as $169.00. While certainly more expensive than other methods you can find in your local store. I’d much rather spend my money on an effective method. Order online and give your teeth that confident smile! Be sure to follow Smile Brilliant via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest products, promotions and more. Enter My Giveaway for your chances at receiving the kit.

Overall I would recommend Smile Brilliant because of its easy use for a busy mom like me with the simple steps getting you closer to a brighter smile.


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