Unique Activities To Do In Jacksonville, Florida

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Unique Activities To Do In Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Florida or like the locals say Duvallllllllll! Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, the largest city by landmass and the 4th largest city in the state of Florida as far as population goes! With the most impressive Farm To Table type dining options, close access to the beach you might be asking yourself what is there to do? Jacksonville isn’t Orlando with the multitude of theme parks BUT we stand out on our own with some unique activities local to Jax! 

*disclaimer - Some activities have been sponsored but all ideas and words are my own. I’d also like to mention this list is not limited to what Jacksonville, FL has to offer but what I have found as unique and different in the city. 

Kraken Cycle 

Pedal. Drink. Repeat! This is the best-kept secret in Jacksonville! Well, the cat is out of the bag and Kraken Cycleboats is the weekend activity you need. It’s a 2- hour ride where you can sit and pedal down the St. Johns River and enjoy the views (Not to worry the boat does not entirely depend on you to pedal). You can also choose to just relax on the bench on the boat and take it all in. It runs rain or shine and has a cover to keep you dry and even makes a pit-stop halfway through your ride at one of the local hotspots along the river! It’s a BYOB ride and snacks are encouraged to bring aboard as they will provide ice, coolers, and cute souvenir cups. Safety is Kraken Cycleboats' top priority and all rules are gone over before you leave the dock. Kids are not permitted on public tours but are welcomed on private tours. Grab your friends and bring your best playlist to hook up to their sound system and enjoy the unique experience. Ahoy Mates! Don’t forget to tip your Captain and first matey too! 

Jax Cooking Studio

Looking to spice up the date night out or just want to learn and attend a hands-on cooking class? This is the place to come - with different classes for everyone you don’t have to be a chef to attend or even know how to cook. They have demonstrations and will help you along the way with every ingredient needed to plate your food. It’s set up like a studio kitchen with one big kitchen in the front and mini stations all around with stoves and counter space to prep and also has one big communal farm table for everyone to sit and enjoy the masterpiece they create after the class. The bonus of this place is they offer Birthday parties for kids and adults with special menus to choose from! (We had my daughter’s 8th Birthday here). Call me Chef La Bry this Jacksonville experience is an Oui Oui! 

Studio Grain 

Get crafty at this San Marco DIY Studio. Where the creator meets creativity! While Studio Grain mainly uses wood elements for the crafty projects they also do a variety of other workshops as well. Want a Spring/Summer porch sign? You got it! How about making a Halloween or Christmas wreath? They have that too? Guided classes make the workshop seamless and worry-free. Crafting with a twist and no clean up after! Sign me up for this unique experience! 

H2OM Float 

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health” - Dalai Lama 

With three spa float tanks, a massage room, and a friendly staff this Jacksonville unique experience is gold star worthy. Float therapy was new to me and believing that I would float in the pod made me a skeptic but that skepticism quickly turned into excitement. I was floating. There is no correct way to float everyone’s experience is different because each spa float pod you can control the lights and music to your liking. Inside the studio are showers and rooms for you to relax and change. Clothing is optional relaxation is mandatory. 

Axe Throwing 

Want to put your Lumberjack skills to the test? Come and experience the Axe throwing thrill that’s hit Jacksonville, Florida! Practice makes perfect and that’s why you start your axe target practice by learning and being guided by an instructor on how to properly handle and throw the axe. The instructor is with you at all times to ensure your safety. Looking for a party? Let the competition begin because up to 12 people can be in your party lane to see who the ultimate Axe Master will be? The winner just might end up with a back stamp to show off to the crew! Move over bowling you’re getting axed Jacksonville now has two locations for this activity! It is on the come-up! 

Go Tuk’n Inc. 

Don’t walk or ride get in a Tuk Tuk! A what? It’s an electric vehicle but can let you feel the open air while exploring beaches in the beautiful cityscape of Jacksonville a 360 view. They have unique tours and even excursions for you to experience! A clean and comfortable way to see Jacksonville in a different view. Pick a category, a scavenger hunt, kid tours, Brew tours, and even historic and architectural tours all giving you a personal guide along the way and the best part you can sit back and enjoy. You’ll be Tuk’d with this unique experience! 

Escape rooms 

With multiple locations around the Jacksonville area escape rooms are coming to be the new pastime activity. The hard part is choosing the type of room you want to escape out of. With levels of difficulty to choose from and clues at every corner, it’s hard to pass up this type of fun. My first go-around with an escape room I went to the St. Johns Town center Location “Escape Jacksonville“ I chose the most difficult and with a group of seven of us we were able to escape with two-minutes spared of our total of 90 minutes. It’s an unique experience for the whole family to enjoy and bragging rights forever- Or at least until the next escape room challenge. 

Alhambra Theatre & Dining 

Who can say no to dinner and a show? Jacksonville has some gems and this happens to be one of them. The theatre is the oldest continually operating dinner theater in the U.S. With multiple shows a year with choices for the whole family! Each show has a dinner menu you’re able to view before purchasing your tickets and can make dietary changes if need be. If you want to come early and soak in the history of the place before your show head over to their Library Lounge and grab a cocktail at the bar and cozy up to the fireplace. The lounge is also open after the show where you might even get to see and meet the cast. The Theatre continues to make improvements to better satisfy the unique experience you receive when coming to one of their shows. That it will have you wanting to leave an Encore review.

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