Ultimate Weekend Road Trip Guide To Nashville, Tennessee

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Ultimate Weekend Road Trip Guide To Nashville, Tennessee

Road Trips are a fun way to get to know your friends but if you only have a long weekend to spare how do you manage to see any and everything. The short answer you don't. However, you still can see a good amount if you put a plan in place. Most road trips are about just going with the flow but if you have limited time sometimes it's good to have a plan to get the most out of your trip. My friends and I took a road trip to Nashville from Jacksonville, Florida and I'd have to consider it my first official "grownup" road trip. It's also another reason why I am here for giving you the Ultimate Weekend Road Trip Guide To Nashville, Tennessee.

Where to Start

You can never be too prepared for a road trip- am I right? First things first take a reliable car. preferably an SUV if you can because we all know if traveling with girlfriends no one just ever us one suitcase even for a weekend trip. Map out your destination ahead of time and mark any spots you and your friends want to stop and explore going and returning. Depending, on how long the drive is drive in shifts. If you're more of a morning person opt-in to take the first driving shift. Have the crew talk and find out if your friends are the stop frequently for restroom breaks type or let's drive-through and stop when we need to type? Having the conversation so everyone is prepared makes all the difference. Last but not least and certainly the most important stock up on all those favorite road trip snacks and drinks. Keep the positive attitude not everything is bound to go smoothly but you're with friends headed to a new destination, bring out the jams and have a good time!

What To Do In Nashville

Nashville is a fun city. I could even see myself living there or it was just the fact I was on a high of it being a new city. Nevertheless, Nashville is a cool, vibrant city rich with history and success stories of young musicians and singers starting right out on Broadway and being discovered and going on to be famous. Broadway is the place to hang if you're looking to have a good time. It's an entertainment district renowned for honky-tonks and live country music on both sides of the street. The street is also home to retail shops, restaurants, dessert spots, tourist attractions. The best to navigate the long street is follow the crowd and find a bar that speaks to you or list ahead of time the bars you wanna check out and do t that way. There is no wrong way to check out Broadway just as long as you use the buddy system and have a good time!

Looking for some downtime and history Centennial park and the Country Music Hall of Fame are good choices. The Hall of fame has amassed an extensive collection of country music and is one of the world's largest museums in that aspect. The Centennial Park is beautiful and a good way to work off all the food you've been eating in Nashville. It's also home to the Parthenon, a pond, a great playscape and lots of green space to explore. The Parthenon has a small fee for entry but you'll want to explore the greek history inside of Athena.

Schedule a photoshoot with your friends! You deserve this! Get dressed up and pose for the camera. I recommend Flytographer one of my favorite photographer companies that have photographers all over the USA and some international countries as well. Don't want to go the professional route? Do the Nashville Murals. If you haven't heard, Nashville has many murals so many they have tours to take you around to find them all so you can get that insta-worthy picture. Since my friends and I drove we were able to get around on our own and save a little on Uber rides to find the murals. The artists of the different murals are so talented you'll want all the pictures but make sure to give them credit too.

Tennessee Whiskey Sweet as Strawberry Wine. Have you heard that song? Well, coming to Tennessee without trying some Whiskey is blasphemy. Most recommended place I'd say to visit is Jack Daniel's Distillery. It's about an hour and a half from Nashville but the property the distillery sits on is beautiful and worth the drive. The tour we had the pleasure of doing was called "The Flight of Jack" where you receive a full tour of the property and then taken to a barrel room to taste all the different Whiskey. Tennessee Whiskey is a unique process. On the grounds, you will see piles of maple wood which is also burned at the distillery and as the wood is burning onto itself it makes charcoal which the Whiskey is then filtered through over four days with the final step of the product going through white wool to remove any excess. Pretty Cool Right? The county the Distillery is located in is a dry town but there is nothing dry about that smooth Tennessee Whiskey!

Don't have the time to drive to the Distillery? Not to fear you can still have Whiskey in Nashville and or some good old Fashioned Moonshine at the Ole Smoky Moonshine. With free tastings, a plethora of moonshine to purchase and an outdoor space to enjoy the Nashville sunshine, I'd say it's a good way to pregame before dinner or your night on Broadway. Be sure to add both Distilleries to your Ultimate Road Trip Weekend Guide to Nashville, Tennessee!

Where To Stay

Location, Location, Location is pretty important any time you travel but for this particular trip to Nashville Tennessee, you might be wondering where we stayed? I'm here to give you options depending on budget and give you all the Webwithdunn facts on the Road-trip guide. Minus sleeping in your car sleeping accommodations can be pricey if you don't plan accordingly. The first advice is to plan and know what you're looking to spend on your trip overall and go from there. A Low Budget Option in Tennessee would be to be closer to the airport and not downtown or to find an Airbnb. Sometimes with the low budget, this means more driving because you're farther away from the city life activities. A Flexible Budget is where I stay mostly when with friends it's not cheap but it isn't high priced we stay in our lane and still have nice amenities such as free breakfast, valet parking, happy hour tastings, etc. We were right in downtown and could walk a few blocks to Broadway this also meant we had a steep fee of overnight valet parking. Where We Stayed: Holiday Inn Express Nashville-Downtown. A Ball Out Budget these are the stays where you just want to be dazzled in luxury and if you have the means I say do it! Top amenities, 5-star service in everything so my recommendation would be The Gaylord Opryland it's a city inside a resort, a convention center, kid-friendly and activities galore without leaving the grounds. one of my favorite places.

What To Eat

You don't go to a new city and pass up the food all I know is that I wish I had more time to eat more Of Nashville's food and all it has to offer!

Hattie B's Chicken was our first stop! Nashville is known for its hot chicken and NOT stopping here would be a mistake. Stand in line order your food they will give you a number and come to your table. I opted for the medium temperature chicken flavor instead of hot because I wanted to taste my food. They also have alcoholic slushie beverages and if you've been paying attention you know I ended up with the Jack, Bourbon and Coke slush- a perfect drink to get that chicken down. Don't stop at the chicken get a Street Dog from a vendor and ask how they like their hotdogs- I mean WOW! It might've been better than New York's street dogs! Get out and explore a little and go away from the tourist hustle and bustle and you might just find some good eats like Pfunky Griddle a breakfast hole-in-the-wall that you make your breakfast on a hot griddle that your whole table shares. It's quite the experience and fun too. You have to work for your food! Didn't I mention the hotdogs? Well, Dog+Donut has hot dogs and donuts all for you.Come into Dog+Donut and you'll be at home. With a donut and beer flight and a donut hamburger, this place gets five stars for the character and food. It's nestled along a quiet neighborhood street and looks like a house with outdoor and indoor seating.

"The Hangover Burger"

Additional Recommendations By Webwithdunn for Places to Eat:

Daughter Bakery, Flipside Nash, Frothy Monkey, & Geist

End It On A Good Note

Now your road trip has come to an end, you've probably had a few little tiffs between friends but nothing you couldn't come back from. It's time to hit the road again, now what? The fun doesn't have to stop! Even with wallets and purses slightly thinner than the beginning of the weekend stops that you saw driving to your destination could be spots to stop at returning home. Ruby Falls is a good place to visit on your way home. It will take a good two hours of your time according to their website. My crew and I had a late start leaving and didn't make it to the falls but take my word for it that it's worth the stop. Grab the gals and the cowgirl boots and hats and head to Nashville! What are you waiting for?

What Is Your Favorite Road Trip Memory?


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