Ultimate Gift Guide For Valentine's Day!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Ultimate Gift Guide For Valentine's Day 2019!

We are so close to Valentine's Day and multiple outlets of social media show what to get that special lady and even for friends for Galentine's Day. However, we can't forget about our guys. Now, if we are being honest most guys could care less about receiving anything. I do think it's important for love to be reciprocated through our love languages. If you have a guy whose love language is receiving gifts this is for you and if you just love giving gifts like myself this is also for you. I have created a list of some neat items and gifts you might have not have thought of for this Valentine's Day.

1.Timepiece and The Traditional Gift

Traditional, traditional, traditional those playing it safe gifts or I'm-not-too-sure-what-to get are STILL good choices. All the men in my family are bad at buying things for themselves which makes it easy for the ladies in the family around holidays to purchase traditional items. Get the watch (you can't have too many timepieces anyway they're timeless -see what I did?) While you get the watch get the tie and matching shirt too, along with some socks. These gifts conveniently are always on sale around Valentine's Day so it's a win-win!

2.Smelling Divine

Straight out of a magazine where you smell the man's cologne over and over and think this would smell so good on my guy. Cologne is my personal favorite gift to give my boyfriend, plus he is into collecting them so it's a win! The mall is personally the best place to get a cologne because you can test, sniff, spray and then reset. A little tip to remember is that cologne might smell one way on the shelf but once it's on your guy it could be a little different due to our body chemistry. SCIENCE.

3.Personalized Anything

Etsy, Target, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Personalized Creations, and Jo-Ann Fabrics are all places where you can either get crafty and create your own personalized item or buy it. Man or Female, I think everyone appreciates a personalized gift. I think personalized boxes/briefs are a fun option for men because guys need these things and you're the only one who will see it and him of course. I also like the idea of a personalized pillow - you know the ones that say stay on your side of the bed or get your own covers! From personal experience, the pillows are a hit.


Do you know that saying that goes a little something like experiences are worth more than stuff? Well, Valentine's Day gifts are just one of the holidays you can apply this too. Groupon and Eventbrite are just a few apps/websites you can use to find unique experiences. One year I found a reasonably priced experience for my guy to test race a Lamborghini for a few laps and get his picture taken professionally with it. He loves cars so it was perfect and there are many experiences catered to the guys that might be a little harder to buy for. Gift certificates are another great way to spend time with the guy you love, you might have to do a little convincing if your man is anything like mine where he is just not into the whole pampered thing but after they get it once their reaction might surprise you.

6. The Gag Gift Or A Basket of Favorites?

What's Valentine's Day without a little fun? I love gag gifts because I personally believe you can't really get a good gag gift unless you know the person really well. The inside jokes, the inappropriate jokes, it's the perfect time to use this gift category. I recently, came across a fun little website that you surely will get lost in for hours. It's called ThisiswhyImbroke it has some pretty unique and fun gifts for this Valentine Season for him, her and in between. A basket, bowl, container or whatever you like is also a fun gift to give, it's also can be affordable. Go to your local dollar store to get a container, that gift basket paper and then head to your neighborhood store and load up the basket with his favorite goodies. My guy loves beef jerky, sweet drinks, and cheesecake but your basket could be anything, and then you can top it off with a bow. I hope you have a better idea of what you will be gifting to your significant other. The most important thing to remember is whatever you give, give from your heart and with thought and they will love it regardless.

I hope all my readers with WebWithDunn have a Happy Valentine, Galentine, or a Good Time Day!


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