The Boozy Adventure In Epcot

The Boozy Adventure In Epcot

If you're a Disney fan then you know Epcot has many festivals during the year where they showcase specialty drinks and food. Did you know you can drink around the world on a regular day in Epcot? It's true, pick a day for the park and make your way through the countries. Don't expect anything over-the-top since its not a festival type event but you will have some really good options. The question is what country will you begin your drinking journey Canada or Mexico?

Six friends, eleven countries, and one goal to make it around the world in one piece. The Ultimate Epcot Challenge!


Oh Canada Oh Canada! My friends and I thought we were doing something by starting in Canada until we had a taste of the Ottawa Apple, that's a drink to start a party! Crown Royal Maple Whisky with an apple infusion and cranberry juice. It's located in the popcorn cart and cost about 11$, you will want to sip this beverage and have some maple popcorn that pairs well. While watching the O Canada! 14-minute Circle-Vision 360° film featuring Martin Short. Take the time to enjoy the downtime, you have a long drinking journey to Mexico.


Mixing it up a little in the UK don't forget your fish and chips at the quick service spot and a classic English beer like a Bass Ale which is exactly the drink I had, a caramel aroma with a malt finish. I'm gonna be honest I was trying to stick to the most cultural drink in the UK to soak up the experience. If you're not a fan of Ale, I recommend a Guinness, and if that's still a no-go for you. Gather your friends and take a shot of Jameson in the Pub Rose & Crown and cheers to the next nine more countries you have to go!