The Boozy Adventure In Epcot

Updated: Jan 25

The Boozy Adventure In Epcot

If you're a Disney fan then you know Epcot has many festivals during the year where they showcase specialty drinks and food. Did you know you can drink around the world on a regular day in Epcot? It's true, pick a day for the park and make your way through the countries. Don't expect anything over-the-top since its not a festival type event but you will have some really good options. The question is what country will you begin your drinking journey Canada or Mexico?

Six friends, eleven countries, and one goal to make it around the world in one piece. The Ultimate Epcot Challenge!


Oh Canada Oh Canada! My friends and I thought we were doing something by starting in Canada until we had a taste of the Ottawa Apple, that's a drink to start a party! Crown Royal Maple Whisky with an apple infusion and cranberry juice. It's located in the popcorn cart and cost about 11$, you will want to sip this beverage and have some maple popcorn that pairs well. While watching the O Canada! 14-minute Circle-Vision 360° film featuring Martin Short. Take the time to enjoy the downtime, you have a long drinking journey to Mexico.


Mixing it up a little in the UK don't forget your fish and chips at the quick service spot and a classic English beer like a Bass Ale which is exactly the drink I had, a caramel aroma with a malt finish. I'm gonna be honest I was trying to stick to the most cultural drink in the UK to soak up the experience. If you're not a fan of Ale, I recommend a Guinness, and if that's still a no-go for you. Gather your friends and take a shot of Jameson in the Pub Rose & Crown and cheers to the next nine more countries you have to go!


The most popular place to get a drink in all of Epcot land I would say is in France. One, because the two popular drink options are so delicious and refreshingly good. Step right up to the French kiosk and choose from Grey Goose Citron, Vodka and Lemonade, what Epcot calls the Citron Slush,(my personal favorite) or take it one step sweeter with an orange Grand Marnier Slush! Both drinks are good options but there is nothing wrong with getting both. You'll be drinking it faster than it melts and a fun fact on the French kiosk, it is known to have all the different varieties of slush drinks when something special is happening at Epcot so its a place to stop anytime when in France. Don't forget to pick up some sweet treats like a chocolate stuffed flaky croissant or decadent macaroons inside Les Halles Bakery.

Les Halles Bakery


Morocco was new territory for me since I never actually purchased an alcoholic beverage from Morocco before. I was always about the food but this time around was boozy adventure time and the drinks did not disappoint. With a variety of options to choose from and Moroccan cast members to help you choose you might find the drinks to be on the strong side and widely different in flavor. At Spice Road Table, you'll find Andalusian Nights. My drink of choice and in this boozy beverage you can taste a blend of apricot brandy, Myer's dark rum, orange juice, and piña colada mix all for $12.99. This Moroccan blend will have you roasted and toasted.


If you can make it to Japan for a pit stop it's a good place for lunch. (Be sure to make your reservation for lunch or at least plan ahead especially if you have a large party.) Out of all the countries, the Violet Sake drink was my favorite from Epcot's Japan Pavilion. Maybe, it was the vivid purple color or the deceitfulness of the taste. Don't chug it...

Violet Sake is listed on Garden House's menu as"a refreshing balance of Sake, purple pear, and lime juice." If that's not enough to get you to try it then maybe the price of 9$ for the drink will make you jump! Your boozy Disney prayers have been answered- cheap, good, and instagram worthy!


Halfway Point! Are you still with me? Only five of the six friends at this point have made it in one piece. We have filled our stomachs with food and are now ready to recharge with continuing our boozy adventure. I went outside my comfort zone and purchased a Love Street Kolsch Style Blonde- about 10$ a beer straight out of Houston, Texas (at least that's what it said under the drink description). I'm not a beer fan but yet this was my second beer purchase out of mere curiosity. If you're into Ciders the Ciderboys, Grand Mimosa Apple Orange was a favorite among the crowd for 11$ and if you want something that's traditional with a twist I recommend the Buffalo Trace Bourbon & Coke Slushy on the Liberty Inn menu. The perfect drink to cool you down on a HOT Florida day.


It's all about the wine and gelato in Italy.The wine is the showstopper. We made it to Italy around the golden hour and simmered down on some Peach Moscatos and Bellini's just as if we were in the countryside of Tuscany (Ahh- a dream). The peach Moscato is like no other and speaks for itself and the Bellini is a mixture of peach puree and Prosecco. Find these drinks in Italy's pavilion. Feeling like a true Italian? Experience as many Italian wines as possible, and get the"Best of Italy" wine flight for $25. I did not partake in the flights but was only curious to find the lady in front of me purchase it. Can you imagine the rest of my night if I would have chosen that path? Arrivederci!


Aller Anfang ist Schwer.” German for every beginning is hard. With seven countries behind us and two to go after Germany, I was starting to wonder if I would make it or tap out? The boozy gods were looking down upon me because I ordered a simple riesling that settled all my doubts and was ready to charge on to complete the last three countries. The group of friends debated on doing a group shot of Jagermeister and thankfully Epcot doesn't serve Jagermeister anymore in Germany (that would have been the end for me). If Epcot ever decides to bring it back opt out and go for the 3oz Riesling Kabinett a refreshing and playful riesling with a zing.


Are we there yet? The question I am asking at this point but we still have two more countries ahead after China. Head to the Joy of Tea stand in China and get the Tipsy Ducks in Love drink. For $11, you can enjoy this blend of bourbon whiskey, coffee, black tea, cream, and chocolate syrup. It's better than it sounds and very tasty. If you're looking for something more subtle my beverage was the Kung Fu Punch which is a mixture of vodka and triple sec. Don't forget those hot off the press dumplings!


Ice Ice Baby... Norway is a rough spot as far as drinks go unless you are a beer fan- or so we thought. Right outside close to Mexico, there is a vendor that sells the beverage called Troll Kreme. this frozen beverage is $17.00 and comes in the souvenir cup. It is blended with Cranberry and Vanilla, covered with Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, and topped with whipped cream. Yummy! I did not order this drink but instead fell into buying yet another beer that was recommended for me. However, the Troll Kreme is what I sipped on while I also drank my beer and I have no regrets. The true fun in Norway are the assorted desserts in the Norway pavilion bakery.


The finish line! When in Mexico we get MARGARITAS! Tired and boozy to the max we get on the dark boat ride El Río del Tiempo. Then collected our final drink of the day, our reward drink for making it to the end. A simple classic margarita from inside La Cava del Tequila. A tequila bar and restaurant with tequila connoisseurs to answer any question about tequila you might have. They have many choices of tequila to choose from so it's a place worth stopping when you aren't just drinking around the world. For an added bonus when the boozy adventure ends you'll catch the firework show. How's that for an ending in Viva La Mexico?

Africa is a part of the Epcot World Showcase which would make 12 countries in total and sadly only had regular beer options so we skipped it but not before we all took part in our own personal jam session with the African instruments.

The Menu

Please advise there are many choices to choose from in each country but the menu consists of a mixture of what drinks I enjoyed as a reference.

Final Webwithdunn Tips and Advice

  • Make some matching shirts & budget appropriately. It's Disney!

  • Hydrate, hydrate hydrate Florida sun can be brutal

  • Know your limit, the only prize is bragging rights, so pace yourself

  • Have a designated driver

  • Have a good time and always drink responsibly.

Are you and your friends up for the challenge?