Sweet Summer Breakfast Recipe

Sweet Summer Breakfast Recipe

Summer is in full force right now! Sweating profusely, the smell of chlorine, sunscreen, and getting sand stuck in places only a shower can handle. Then you have all the "Summer foods" and that might as well be a culinary genre in itself. When I think summer foods I think fresh seasonal fruit in a sweet-tart or veggies perfect for that backyard sunset grilling session. I recently was able to create a sweet and summer feel-good breakfast bake puff with Old Time Pottery. It was easy enough to create for an unseasoned baker like myself and simple ingredients I could find quickly.

Old Time Pottery had all the bakeware I needed to make my Breakfast puff from pots and pans, serve-ware, spatulas/cooking utensils, and more. It was hard not to go down each and every aisle and purchase it all but they had what I needed and everything was so beautifully put together. I knew from the start I wanted to keep it simple--like I mentioned before I am not a seasoned baker so I knew I needed something simple I couldn't mess up. I didn't bother looking at Pinterest or Google because I was set on using blueberries and strawberries with a pastry base.

The How & What You Need


Milk (Whole) (1 Cup)

Package of Cream Cheese (12oz)

Vanilla Extract (4 tbsp)

Four Large Buttery Croissants

1lb of Strawberries

1lb Blueberries

Sugar (just feel it out)

Two Eggs

First: Rinse and wash all fruit and then slice the strawberries and set off to the side.

Next: Make the Mixture for the inside of the puff pastry you'll need Sugar, Eggs, Softened cream cheese (use a mixer or by hand) and then gradually add milk.

Then: You should be ready to get the dish prepared ----cut up and break apart all four croissants (add more if needed) and fill the pan with fruit and then the milk mixture.

Next: bake for 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes

After: Let it Cool

Click Here to get all you bakeware items & more

The Final Product

While I have to give myself many kudos for how tasty my blueberry/strawberry puff was. I was even more impressed with the look of it- so pretty with the vibrant berry colors. I wanted the blueberries to be more melted into the puff pastry (that could be a user error problem versus recipe problem) but like I said the taste is what matters the most to me. All dishes and products were of Old Time Pottery which made baking easy with their nonstick bakeware, dishes, and the utensils that worked like a charm. The sweet berries mixed within the croissant breading is the perfect light/sweet combination for summer!

Thanks, Old Time Pottery for allowing me to share a Sweet Summer recipe! As always opinions are mine here on Webwithdunn! Let me know your favorite Summer Recipe?


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