Six Things About Austin TX You And Your Friends Have To Experience

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Six Things About Austin TX You And Your Friends Have To Experience

1. Visiting The Capitol

Everything is bigger in #Texas! Including the Capitol. There is no detail forgotten in this place of beauty. Inch by Inch and wall by wall you can find the intricate detail of Texas history in the building and that famous Texas Lone Star. The Capital is so tall that the Statue of Liberty can fit inside! It's also free to enter and walk around (bonus!) every part of the building is accessible as long as the door isn't locked. I would opt- out of self-guided tours in the capital it's a massive place with many hallways and floors. Instead, follow a tour guide (also free), they have tours every 1/2 hour. Plus, when you have a guide you get provided with facts you may have not known beforehand. The Capital is a must-see if you visit Austin.

|WebWithDunn Tip*- Go early and make this first on your "things to do." Fewer crowds in the morning mean better selfie pictures and a better look at all the capital has to offer.|

2. Ride The Bird

Bird, Bird, Bird is the word. Think of Uber on a scooter. The bird is a means of transportation in Austin, TX and everyone does it. How it Works: You download the App "Bird", You plug in your info, you must have a driver's license to scan into the app, and you must be at least 18 years of age to ride. It's 1$ to start and then about ten/fifth-teen cents per mile as you ride around. The app will show you a map of the nearest scooters around you and where you can find one, as well as how charged up the scooter is. (Apparently, my friend and I found out that the app pays people to charge the scooters at their homes since we were curious about how all these scooters across the city get charged up. That's about all we know on that.)

Once, you find a scooter you are ready to ride your electric beast. I will say it's a bit terrifying at first using the brakes, learning to stay on the street in the bike paths and not on sidewalks, and of course not freaking out going downhill. From our hotel to the Capital was about six blocks and the price at the end of our ride came to be less than 5$ even with getting turned around. Downfall, is the scooters don't have built-in GPS so you will need to have your phone's GPS to help you get to where you're going (Good Ol' map reading). With following the rules of the road, we just kept checking at the stop signs to make sure we were headed the right way. An adventure you're sure to love and laugh about with friends.

3. Get Wild On Dirty 6th St.

Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

The street with a twist! No, all jokes aside it will start to feel twisted after a few hours on this street. Sixth street is a few blocks that get blocked off every night by police so that everyone from all walks of life can bar/club hop all night. They start blocking the roads around 8ish-9pm and then it's yours for the taking. (I will mention that this is not the only block that has bars/clubs. However, this is the only one we made it too. There are many places to go according to locals-IE. Rainey St.). What's so great about this street you ask? Well, 95% of the bars & clubs have no cover, drink specials galore, & bartenders who make your drink like it's supposed to be! My friend and I made our way to sixth street and the first stop was Pete's Dueling Piano, this bar has a cover of 10$ but worth it! Two piano players, a live band, put in your song request with a few bucks to ensure it gets played, have a cocktail or five, and then sing your heart out. Dirty Six isn't for everyone, but if you and your friends like to go out head to the sixth street, they might thank you later.

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”-F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. Do Something Fun

All the fun to be had in this pop-up art factory in Austin, Texas called The Fomo Factory. We were lucky to find this and have it walking distance from our hotel. Tickets are 23$ and this factory will be in Austin now through the end of the year. The factory is interactive, has hype helpers, and even has extra staff there for you to take all the pictures, videos, and boomerangs you need to make your experience great. Each room has a different theme to play in and to bring the inner child out in you. Some people even go as far as bringing a change of clothes to get that perfect shot. We spent two hours in the factory and if you ask us it was the best highlight of the trip! You have to buy tickets in advance and doors open at 2pm, we suggest going an hour after they open. Hardly, anyone was there and we didn't have to wait for the room. If you can't make it to Austin before year-end follow "The Fomo Factory" on Instagram to see where they head next. You and your friends are sure to have a good time!

5. Be A Foodie

Austin, Texas is a foodie town hands down. I was so excited to stumble across In-N-Out in Austin! Knowing I didn't have to go all the way to California to see what all the hype was about. I wish I had more time to do all the food things, there is a lot. You need a trip just for the food spots. If you're a vegan you will love Austin, almost every restaurant had multiple vegan options. As well as many all vegan restaurants to choose from. We visited every food category we could in three days and I was left with wanting more. Austin, TX you're my foodie top list. I will be back for more! I will be going more in detail about all the food on a later blog so be on the lookout for that.

6. Visit The Austin Murals

Mural is on S. Congress Ave, on the left hand side of Magnolia Cafe

Austin has some unique murals around the city and "Instagram" worthy spots to visit. Make time to visit all of them if you can. It seems as though murals have become the new trend when traveling as a must-do. We ran out of daylight and time to visit all the murals on our list but that just means another trip to do more things. Austin, Texas showed my friends and I love and I'm showing it right back.

Have you been to Austin, TX what do you love to do?