Six Foodie Apps You Need When Traveling

Updated: Jun 17

Six Foodie Apps You Need When Traveling!

Planning a vacation is hard enough without having to worry about finding food when you're in some strange city. Life can be even more stressful if you're trying to make a decision on where to eat when you have limited cell service and WiFi. So, I’ve compiled a list of five foodie apps you might want to take along with you on your next adventure.

1. Around Me

I live for this app when I’m in an unfamiliar place or when Google doesn’t want to load because I have zero service. (It happens more than you think.) I love this app because it will show what’s around you in a six mile radius and is labeled by categories with a search bar too, if you’re looking for something more specific. It’s not just limited to food but coffee shops, bars, and more.

2. Farmstand

This app is actually pretty cool in that it locates farmer markers near you. And gives location and information on when they’re open, a website if available, and a phone number. The only downfall in this application is that it’s limited to nine states and only in the US. It definitely has room for improvement but a great resource if you’re roadtrippin through the states.

3. HappyCow

Specifically designed for vegetarians and vegans to find friendly restaurants wherever they go. Happy Cow offers a discovery feature, and even an organizer of the restaurants you want to visit if you're traveling soon. As more and more places offer vegetarian and vegan options this app is great to be able to filter exactly what you need. Happy Cow is available in the App Store for $3.99 and in Google Play for $2.99.

4. Bites

This app is unique in its farm to table experience. They give visibility to Urban farms, co-ops, backyard gardens, and community gardens too. Bringing foodies and local chefs together. Bites offers meal prep services, drop off meals, in home dining experiences and more. No tip, no tax, no service charge, no delivery fee. Unique indeed!

5. Travelingspoon

Traveling Spoon connects travelers with local, vetted hosts to share the joy of a homemade meal in their home and learn about their cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations. While it’s not an app it still is a useful resource. Since the pandemic traveling spoon has had to pivot to virtual food travelers which allows you to take a personalized lesson and get to know the “local host” from the other side of the world without having to leave your own kitchen. However, as people begin to travel again, Traveling Spoon will offer both the original in-person experiences all over the world along with the new virtual classes.

6. To Eat List

Are you like me where you use your notes section to keep all the restaurants you want to go to for future reference? Well, with the To Eat List app you now have a place to keep and add to your list plus you can see what’s popular around you, the simple app for food lovers.

As you can see, there are plenty of foodie apps available for you to use when traveling. And while Yelp and other apps like it, outrank some of the smaller apps they can also tend to be overwhelming and tedious to scroll through. Hopefully, one or more of the apps above will come in handy on your next trip, whether that's across town or around the world. If nothing else, they can help you find a place to eat while you're on the road. Then you can enjoy your meal and get back to exploring!