Our Holiday Hometown Adventure (Thanks to George Moore Chevrolet)

Updated: Jan 20

Our Holiday Hometown Adventure (Thanks to George Moore Chevrolet)

I partnered with George Moore Chevrolet to spread the love for my favorite places in Jacksonville, Florida during the holidays, as part of the Moore Love campaign. With the holiday season upon us, you can expect to be driving around a lot more— to visit family and friends, work duties, holiday parties, or all the holiday shopping for the season! Having the right vehicle matters, which is why the Chevy Tahoe high country model was perfect for our hometown adventure. This holiday hometown itinerary is perfect for any family to enjoy.


If you’re like me, you love driving around in the dark when all of the Christmas lights are up. I always look forward to the time of year when my city gets into the holiday spirit and starts decorating. My family and I had the pleasure to explore our own backyard in the city of Jacksonville, FL with the Chevy Tahoe high country courtesy of George Moore Chevrolet in our possession.

We visited some of our favorite local spots to really get into the season and with being a family of four this Chevy Tahoe gave us plenty of space for our full weekend with extra room to spare. We started our hometown adventures with the Jacksonville Arts Market where local vendors, food trucks, and hometown bands come out and setup up shop. A perfect way to begin a Saturday is by supporting local business, it happens every Saturday from 10 am-3 pm.

Next on our holiday hometown adventure with George Moore Chevrolet was in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Florida and we were pulling up in the sweetest SUV to the sweetest place in town — Sweet Pete’s! This local gem is like stepping into a candy-land world, mixed with the wonky Dr. Seuss & Willy Wonka combined. Sweet Pete’s is a three-floor Candy haven that’s decorated in every corner too. Between the taffy, chocolate, and their famous caramel apples you’ll be sure to leave happier than when you arrived.

With plenty of room to spare in the SUV for more adventures after our sweet tooth stop, we decided to head to another part or town called San Marco that’s known for their neighborhood hometown style shops and the best area to spread Moore Love.

Heyday Toys was our shop of choice and it’s a neighborhood toy store for kids of all ages and they will even wrap anything you buy! It’s a great spot to support a local business and get ready for the holidays.

Ending With A Bang!

Whether you're looking for safety features or creature comforts, the Chevy Tahoe high country can take care of all your needs and keep up with your family's busy schedule. The 360- degree camera comes in handy, along with the following distance indicator that provides the driver with a gap time between your vehicle and the one you’re following. The details were a bonus to our holiday hometown adventure with George Moore Chevrolet, but our last stop at Deck The Chairs was the cherry on top to end the weekend with a bang.

Located by the beach Deck The Chairs is a must each year! Local businesses come together to decorate lifeguard chairs and put them out for display for all of us locals to see. It’s a free event and spreads awareness about reducing plastic waste as a lot of the materials used to decorate are recyclable. Thanks to George Moore Chevrolet we were able to give back to our community and enjoy some holiday fun while riding in style for our hometown adventure.

How will you spread Moore Love?

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