New Year, Same Me.

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

New Year, Same Me.

We are into the New Year of 2019 now and if you haven't already made a resolution chances are you're already backsliding at what you told yourself you were going to do. Well I am here to share there is a better way than resolutions.

My stance on resolutions isn't good or bad. If you make them and they work, good for you. This is more for myself and others alike who make them and then fall short. It's just a healthier practice to live intentionally versus being let down by a resolution you may or may not keep.

"You don't need to be a new version of yourself, you simply need to become a better version of who you already are."

The New Year New You saying is old & tired. It simply implies you are not enough as you are and you need to reinvent yourself every year, year after year to become new. Truth is you are enough the way you are right now. Let it be the New year and same you with intention. Until the more recent years, I have fallen into the trap of that New Year saying. Who told you or I we needed to be new? A lot of resolutions have to do with making habits or changing existing ones and if you think about it, it's all a science. Let's rewrite the story, we all have an idea of who we are and what's important to us and these self "stories" are what have influence over our decisions and actions. Whether you believe it or not we all make decisions based on staying true to our stories. A resolution is something that you think you should be doing instead of what you really want to be doing. That's where being intentional comes into play and jumping in with both feet.

Intentional is"purposeful in word and action." Being intentional means you are actively engaging and interacting with your life. Being intentional with yourself is easier than it seems, but it does take some effort. In order to be intentional, key areas in your life need to be on autopilot. It can be as simple as sticking to a schedule and routine. Make a list! This is my thing, I make list like they are going out of style. However, I learned to put too much on your list sets you back to the "resolution mindset" you have to find that balance. Some days it's a lower number of things to do and some days it is higher, this protects me from falling in that black hole of never-ending lists. (*WebwithDunn Tip* Even if you only accomplish two things off your list rejoice in it.) You will not complete your lists everyday but small wins matter in order to not be filled with disappointment. In the same mindset don't let routine and lists rule your life be intentional on staying focus on what truly matters, family, God, laughing, hugging, the people around you, whatever it is in your life be intentional.

Be intentional because you want to be the person like me to do more than just get by. Be intentional because you dream because you aspire because you live-anything! Be intentional in all you do. Know yourself, embrace imperfection, discover choices, declutter your life, forgive, live in the moment, stop worrying about everyone else, and keep living that good life!

What do you think about being Intentional?


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