LegoLand Florida: Travel Guide

Updated: Jan 20

The LEGOLAND Florida Resort is a theme park that got it right when they built this park. It was made for kids and so much more easygoing than the other traditional theme parks in and around Florida. LEGOLAND Resort Florida makes for an easy family-friendly getaway. While my family and I did Legoland /Waterpark in one day I recommended two days making it the ideal Florida destination. Here are my experiences and travel guide tips for all things Inside Legoland Amusement Park.

Thank You To the Legoland Team For Hosting My Family -All opinions are my own

First Things First

Getting there, make time! If you're local to Florida and live in Orlando then Legoland is one hour from Orlando in Winter Haven, Florida. From Jacksonville, Florida add an additional two hours. parking costs $23, and preferred parking costs $33. Save a couple of bucks by purchasing a LEGOLAND preferred parking voucher online in advance. Hotel guests and annual pass holders park for free. As long as you get there when the park begins to open-save the extra $10 unless it's a preference of preferred parking for you. We ended up arriving at 11 am and still landed at the first-row spot near the entrance.

LEGOLAND Florida typically opens at 10 a.m. and stays open until early evening throughout the year, closing around dinner time (5 p.m. - 7 p.m.) most days. This was almost a deal-breaker because the amount of drive time getting there and back didn't seem to justify the trip. However, it ended up being fine we didn't feel rushed having to wake up at dawn just to be there. Second, semi-earlyhaving the park close semi early was nice since the kids were already beyond tired.

Be sure to check the website for the exact opening and closing times.

LEGOLAND Water Park is open throughout the summer. In the fall and spring months, and is closed on weekdays but remains open on the weekends, and it closes completely in the winter.

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Inside The Park:

Legoland Is a cashless park. It is funny because the one time we bring cash on a trip it's the opposite affair. While Legoland is not as big as the Universal or Disney parks in Orlando, there’s still a lot to see and do! First, download the app, It helps you to navigate the park especially if they're any wait times or character meets you'd like to do. Legoland has attractions like a full-blown driving school within a makeshift city sponsored by Ford- a section for both young/older kids, The Firetruck rescue academy that's fun for the whole family and even some indoor attractions such as the LEGO NINJAGO where its an interactive simulation, perfect for showing who has the best ninja moves.

With a mix of both thrill rides and chill rides, Legoland has it covered. Perhaps the best display of LEGOS though is within the MINILAND USA. This expansive display features recreations of New York City, the Las Vegas Strip, and the Daytona Speedway enhanced with tiny touches and sounds. A photo-op hot spot is Legoland's Cypress Garden a lush 30-acre expanse of trees, gardens, and plants- a walk sure to tire out the kids. There is no path or turn left undone inside Legoland. With shops for your Lego master, drink stations, and Lego Characters you won't miss a beat!

Don't forget to bring mini-figure Legos to trade. All LEGO employees wear mini-figures on their name tags, and they’re happy to trade. My girls didn't have any this go around but next time we will. Though LEGOLAND is intended for kids, there are still proper thrill rides that everyone in the family will enjoy.


Legoland Apple Fries

You probably won’t find five-star dining here, and prices are generally on the expensive shade of reasonable (as are all theme parks), but we found the food to be decent. Since our visit in June of 2021 many dining options were unavailable or closed for the time being. As things are beginning to open back up I'm sure the places to eat are more than worthy. The Firehouse Icecream is a must spot for ice cream, sundaes, and coffees. There is one signature dessert that takes the cake though and that is --- Granny’s Apple Fries, deep-fried apples in batter with a choice of soft-serve ice cream and a caramel sauce. Yes! It's worth it! Other worthy foodie spot mentions are Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet, Panini Grill, Pepper & Roni’s Pizza, and our personal favorite the Lego City Burger Kitchen.

The WaterPark

LEGOLAND Water Park, which is located inside LEGOLAND Florida, requires additional admission, you must have admission to both LEGOLAND Florida and LEGOLAND Water Park to enter the water park. If not purchased ahead of time, the water park admission can be added to LEGOLAND tickets for $25. I'd say maximize your vacation time by visiting the waterpark first (the waterpark closes an hour before the actual park) and bring a change of clothing, they have lockers but Legoland allows strollers and mini wagons. We wore our swim clothing underneath our regular clothes and did the front of the park and all the rides first- drying off is no problem in Florida but with younger kids, I thought it best to end the day with the waterpark, plus it is at the far end of the theme park and in the back.

Legoland Entrance To Waterpark

While the waterpark portion does become crowded rather quickly on a hot Florida summer day, we had no problem finding seating in a shaded area among the sea of chairs near the water playground. If I were to go back I'd choose the cabana option, only for the mere fact the line to get food was long. {Certain food is permitted inside the theme park}. The featuring activities for all, include a lazy river that has double occupancy /single tubes for relaxing fun, an activity center for hands-on creativity in the shade with LEGOs, of course, splash zones, and more. Legoland Waterpark also has an area exclusively for kids 6 and younger, and you can find foam-shaped legos all in the water park too. The whole family can find their own aquatic fun and walk right back to LEGOLAND’s attractions when done.

Need To Know: LEGOLAND Florida offers a Rainy Day Guarantee on all tickets. If weather causes ride delays or closures for over 120 minutes, guests can visit Guest Services to pick up complimentary return tickets, valid for a year from the date of issue.

Legoland Waterpark Playground


All in all, we had a great day at the LEGOLAND Florida amusement and waterpark. Unlike the bigger parks, there’s definitely more room and shorter lines to deal with. I find it more stress-free and easier to knock out rides and attractions. With that, I do have to say it’s more geared for those under 12 or for people that are huge Lego fans! We had both in our family so it was a full day of fun for the whole family.