Keke's Cafe- A Breakfast Review

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Keke's Cafe- A Breakfast Review

The Florida Pancake

Society always says breakfast is the most important meal and until my late twenties I never took it seriously. Breakfast has become one of my favorite meals, in fact, better than breakfast is brunch the perfect medium between breakfast and lunch. I had the pleasure to go to Keke's Cafe's newest location in Jacksonville, FL and decided to give my readers a review on my experience. As always these opinions are purely mine and do not reflect the Keke's Cafe's views.


The Menu might take more than a few minutes to get through. Your first big question will have to be if you want breakfast or lunch? One side of Keke's Cafe menu is breakfast and the other is lunch. My friend Ashley and I both picked breakfast for our first time. We were a little overwhelmed with all the options that we had to ask our waitress for recommendations on what she preferred or what the most popular items were on the menu? The other thing we noticed is that opting in for a combo meal was the way to go if you want the breakfast side choices, like bacon, eggs, sausage, fruit, etc. It's cheaper to do while giving you everything you want. If not, then they have al carte options as well. One thing is for sure you won't be disappointed in the large selection. There is something for everyone.


I should have known better on a Sunday in Jacksonville, FL right after the church crowd and brunch lovers just arriving like myself to schedule a friend breakfast at 11:30am. Especially, at a place that was fairly new. Nevertheless, My friend and I endured the 30-45 minute wait with laughter and conversation. Little did we know that would soon turn into an hour. Besides are hungry pains when we were seated we were happy that the wait was no longer and that it was worth it. *(Webwithdunn tip- go earlier or during the week, they don't take reservations)* The biggest surprise for our first time at Keke's was there are NO mimosas. The first thing we asked for was a mimosa and by our surprise, it's not even on their drink menu. (Wait what?) I'm not sure why we all assume that every place that serves breakfast/brunch comes with this deliciousness but we were disappointed. I am happy to report though having a non-mimosa breakfast didn't hinder the good meal and that even with these minor mishaps I still plan to return for lunch.


Presentation just makes food more appealing wouldn't you agree? Keke's Cafe doesn't miss the mark on presentation. Every plate that was coming to different tables around me I would whisper under my breathe "that looks so good."Normally, I am that person who likes things on one plate, after all, it takes up so much room on the table but when the breakfast came to our table I just let it be the way it was. The way food looks on a plate is important, it is what tempts our eyes and makes you want to taste it. Balancing colors, contrast, and variety all come into play. If you're looking for a good meal, friendly staff, presentation, and food aplenty visit your local Keke's Cafe.

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