Indoor Summer Tablescape

Indoor Summer Tablescape On A Budget

Summer has been a rainy one lately here in Florida and what better time to create an indoor tablescape than on a rainy day. I teamed up with Old Time Pottery to create a summer space perfect to display all the summer foods I'll be having all summer long. While I don't claim to be an interior designer or know the first thing about it I felt pretty confident in my choices and I can only give thanks to HGTV for that. I had a budget of one hundred dollars and felt empowered through those aisles to reach the final destination of a budget-friendly summer tablescape. Did I stay in budget or go overboard? Read more to find out!

The Idea

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to have a lemon theme table since that always goes well with summer and yellow is a perfect color that radiates happiness and bright vibes, then I wanted to add in mixing it up with gray and blue dark tones and I was sure the yellow would pop to set the tablescape off for a pretty summer setting. Why I had my idea in the bag it proved to be difficult to not pick up everything I saw while I walked down those home decor isles in Old Time Pottery and stay in line with my budget. Nevertheless, I was determined to stay on track and prove to myself I could do it.

The Details

The bubble

textured yellow-stained glasses paired perfectly against the rich royal vibrant blue on the dark brown wood in the dining room. I wanted yellow to be sprinkled in and I'm pretty proud of the outcome. I was able to find lemon themed salt/pepper shakers along with a matching blue-yellow design pitcher and an oil/vinegar jar. The dark tones with the pop of yellow really screamed summer nights.

I incorporated gray for the table placemats to bring the softness that my look needed to round out the summer feel. I didn't want to pick anything too dark as the blues were enough. The plates with the white trim and blue middle worked nicely because I could only find two and had to improvise and use a plain white quilted design of plates as a second choice (perfect size for children portions). Overall I was proud of the indoor summer tablescape I created using all of Old Time Pottery's decor and I think this design is here to stay until Halloween.

The Total

When it comes to designing anything its hard to not go over budget because design plans can be taken off course by a re-design or simply because decor that you need/want isn't in stock. My budget was one-hundred dollars and I'm happy to report I did indeed go over budget. Hah! Not by much and it was for an added touch of the faux flowers to create a summer centerpiece for my final look to really make a statement on the tablescape- I do believe I nailed it. Visit your local Old Time Pottery to create your perfect design too!

"There are three responses to a piece of design-yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for!" -Milton Glaser

What Do You Guys Think? Did I Nail The Summer Evening Tablescape?


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