How I Slayed 12 5K's

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

How I Slayed 12 5K's

In the beginning of 2018 I and a mom best friend decided we wanted to do something crazy out of this world. We wanted to run in twelve 5k's , one each month for the year.

The Beginning

It all started when one of my best friend's named Kristen mentioned her daughter's school was doing a Color Run in January of 2018. Of course being supportive I signed up and did the run. During it all, we said why don't we do a race every month for the rest of the year? We pondered for a bit because after all, that was a huge commitment being moms and working full-time, we knew finding the time might be challenging. It all fell into place though, because we were already booked back in 2017 to run in our first every Disney 5k in February 2018. (If you've never participated in a Disney 5k, they're kind of a big deal and definitely, a must do). Here, we are in January at the color run with a race paid for and ready to run in February. That was already two races down, so we both decided to challenge ourselves and do the damn thing! Disney Princess 5K a race so interactive and fun that you have to get up at the crack of dawn to witness the magic running through Epcot. It's a euphoric feeling to run through the park as the sun peaks and wakes up with you. Everyone is pumped, dressed up and encouraging that you don't even feel like you're running. January through March races went by so quick that it was becoming second nature.

Trend Among Friends

April race arrives and Kristen and I have picked up some stamina and a few friends along the way. Posting to social media and creating our hashtag for our challenge #SlayTweleve5ks we knew it would only be brief before our other friends wanted to race with us too. After all, many of our friends had already begun their fitness journey's and what a fun way to keep yourself motivated by doing a race every month and receiving those finisher medals. (Remember it is always about the medal)! We all had a different race pace, some faster, some slower, but the goal was always to finish first and worry about the run logistics later. Running experts say it is easier to run with a partner but just knowing that your friends are waiting for you at the finish line or crossing the line together is the best feeling yet. Oh! Plus those awesome pictures your take together for bragging rights on the web. April through June came and went and we were halfway to the finish line, pushing ourselves to be better the next time, improving our times and pace, However, for anyone who knows, new things come with new hardships.


Let me start by saying running is hard. Running consistently is even harder. Our challenge wasn't a cake walk by no means. Our April race was one for the books it was almost canceled due to weather (runners nightmare, no refunds, no medals) on top of that it was raining and not a light rain more of a downpour with lightning in the distance. Our first time running in the rain but we got free wine at the end so we made the best of it. May, was our first group race where we traveled, had a hotel and made a girls weekend out of it. July, was one of the hottest races (comes with the territory of living in Florida). However, it was probably the most rewarding race due to the fact we received an NFL football ticket for the local team for completing the 5k. There were a few races I had to do solo toward the end, living in a different city, friends missing race registration deadlines, and busy schedules all came into play. Being consistent is hard when you have to run races by yourself or if you haven't been training like you should have been (guilty). Injuries occurred in almost all the friend runners including myself so time off meant no training or a missed race. We all had our challenges but we worked through it together and pushed one another to see it through to the end.

"The ability to run the extra mile lies in between your ears." -Keep Going

The Victory

All in all, I made it to the finish line! Completed my Twelve 5k's with some extras on the side. It was fun and challenging at the same time but I'm proud of myself for sticking with it. Every race, I would have multiple emotions. I'd start with "yes I'm signing up," then on race day I would say "ok we are doing this", while running my mind goes "why the hell did I do this, I am going to die?" Then at the end of the race, I would say "that was awesome, I am signing up for another one." I know sometimes we make declarations at the beginning of the year and then don't follow through with it or come up with millions of excuses as to why. Stick with it if you declare it, you will thank yourself later. I learned that running a 5k race solo is OK and you make friends when your friends aren't there. I learned to not wait to the last minute to register for a race, prices will go up. I learned that you can't half-ass train you get what you put into it. Most importantly, I became more in tune with my body knowing when to rest and when to push through. They are very different and being able to distinguish the two are essential. I can't say that my running season is over because there will always be milestones to reach in my running life but for now, I've earned a little R&R. If you're thinking of doing any kind of race go for it, you might even see me at one of your races. This isn't the last you've seen of this badass mother runner!

I hope this has inspired you to go for the gold and run a 5k or even a half marathon! Let me know.