The Halloween Checklist Must Have's!

The Halloween Checklist Must Have's!

Cool crisp air, foliage leaves on the ground, (unless you live in FL it's more like a few brown leaves). A full moon and the little ones dressed up in costume make it for a perfect Boo-tiful Halloween night. However, Halloween is not just a time for candy and trick-or-treating. We have to make a little room for those ghoul ol' times where we create traditions and happy memories. Which is why I compiled a short but effective Halloween checklist of MUST Have's!


Halloween will scare you silly with all the Halloween treat ideas out there! My girls love to be hands-on in the kitchen and I try to find the time to do some kind of simple treat fun for the holidays. I'm sure moms alike can agree when I say once October hits everything comes at you with a ton of bricks and balancing your schedule and everything else can be a bit much. Try these Must-Have fun spider Oreo treats to enjoy for your Halloween night. It's only 4-ingredients and simple enough for the little ones to do.

What you'll need:

1. Pack Of Oreo's

2. Pretzel Sticks

3. M&M's

4. The icing of your choosing so that the spider eyes stick to the Oreos.

Pinterest is your friend to find all the Halloween food ideas! I wouldn't call these the best hot-dog mummies you have ever seen but they sure were tasty! These fun tasty mummies were wrapped with love and super simple to create. We used Pillsbury brand croissant dough and all-beef Frank's hot dogs and just popped them in the oven after wrapping the hot dogs. Once finished, top it off with a spread of butter if you choose and add some additional sides to make your Halloween meal complete. Create the eyes with a toothpick and mustard and TA-DA! Now, the only question is if these mummies enjoy being mummies? I'd say of Corpse they do!

My family loves a good salty and sweet mix so I used a white cheddar popcorn, pretzel sticks, Bugles (They make the best Halloween witch finger for some family laughs) and sprinkled some m&m's last minute. That’s witchful thinking if you think you can't add all sorts of different ingredients to make it special for you and your family. Definitely kid-friendly!


What's Halloween without a classic or kid-friendly movie? Hocus Pocus I feel is a go-to for Halloween movies in households all over. So many quotable lines in that movie. I'm almost certain I know every line. We don't do scary anything in our house for Halloween, but Hocus Pocus we watch every year multiple times during the month of October. This year we will be adding "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Halloween movies are a must on my family's Halloween checklist! If you have Netflix or a Hulu account those networks have additional cute shows that are kid-friendly as well! If you're into the scary then you know you have options galore.


If you're anything like me then your favorite go-to stores are Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and can't forget Target. When fall arrives or any holiday for that matter I am like a kid in the candy store so many options so many ideas and not enough time, but everything is coming to checkout with me! I love changing up the dish towels, setting out wicker candles that smell like apple crisp, and can't forget all my pumpkin decor too. I go more for a fall/pumpkin look in my house versus the ghosts, and skeletons look. Either way, Halloween can't be Halloween without a little decor. The limit does not exist for how much decor is allowed!


What's Halloween without all the festivals? Apple picking, pumpkin picking, trailer rides, and corn mazes and maybe the occasional scary house. This particular activity has to be a favorite of mine on the Halloween Checklist because it's fun for the whole family! Here in Jacksonville, Florida, we have a great community of free fun kid-friendly farms opens each weekend. Just a few are Amazing Grace Crop Maze, Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres Congaree and Penn & Celestial Farms. It may still be a little warm here in October but you will certainly feel the fall season when you visit one of these local spots.


Gotta have a drink to make you go BOO! Try this Jekyll & Gin glow in the dark drink it will mess with your head and that's even before the alcohol hits your bloodstream. Glows white under a black light and that is always fun. I'm intrigued and always up for a challenge. I'd even add some dry ice to make is misty and fun. Find the recipe and more like this on

INGREDIENTS 3 oz. Gin 1/2 oz. lemon juice 1 tsp. grenadine 1 handful of ice tonic water

DIRECTIONS Mix gin, lemon juice and grenadine in a cocktail shaker; pour into a large glass filled with ice. Top with tonic water. Garnish with a glow stick (optional).

Tell Me Your Must Have's For Halloween?


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