Did Someone Say Spin?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020



You may have heard people talk of spinning class and thought - what's that? My definition to simplify things, it's another way to say cycling. You're not "riding the bike" you're spinning. I did thirty classes of spin at a local spin company called Cyclelogy in Jacksonville, FL and here is what I can tell you. You can get a great workout at home on a spin bike if you own one, but it’s also great to work out in a class environment where there is a sense of team effort and group motivation. (The Cyclelogy instructors do a great job at giving you the push to keep going). When you’re by yourself it’s hard to truly push yourself as you’re the only one there to keep you accountable. But if you’re in a Cyclelogy class then you have the other participants, as well as the teacher, constantly watching over you which will give you more drive.

Disclaimer* Cyclelogy sponsored my rides but all opinions are mine as always

What Can You Expect From Cycleology

No not this.... this was what I was expecting

You'll Burn The Calories

For anyone looking in on a class it almost looks torturous: loud music blaring through the speakers, an assertive class leader shouting at people to go harder and a group of people sweating buckets and oh yea you can expect to burn 300-600 calories per class! Cyclelogy instructors will have combinations of fast-paced cycling and strategic lighter rest intervals to get you recovered for the next burst. Different intervals of seated and standing work dependent on the intensity. If you’re ‘climbing’ then you’ll normally be standing but expect to be on and off the saddle through the whole session. Come Readyyyy!

Sore Butt Say What

The first class I took my butt was sore, it was hard to get adjusted and I could barely walk the next day. This is expected. The first few days expect legs to be sore and even your arms sometimes. Your muscles have to be broken down in order to grow stronger, like anything else you do the consists of working out. However, overtime this will subside and you will be able to turn up the heat on the bike resistance!

You’ll Have An Unique Experience

The set up may be a bit different depending on the studio. At Cyclelogy the bikes are set up in rows with everyone facing the instructor/the mirror. Not to worry the air will be flowing but to earn the fans in your face to cool you down. That's earned not given! Each Spinning class at Cyclelogy will also have instructors with their own technique, goals, and ability and yes even themed spin classes with surprises at the end! If you test out one spinning class and decide that it’s not for you then what you may need to do is simply try a different instructor. The main thing to remember is that you showed up and the instructors are there to push and guide you but you know your body. Cyclelogy has six instructors total and the owner Tania will occasionally teach a class too! It's more of a family when you walk into Cyclelogy and less of a class feeling. We are all there to do the same thing. Let go of whatever it was that was bogging us down before we entered the class and to ride it out during the class coming out refreshed and new!

It's Customizable

At Cyclelogy you’ll be able to adjust the seat, handlebars and the tension/resistance accordingly. Make sure to do this at the start of each workout so that you’re not uncomfortable for the workout. The instructors at Cyclelogy will help you if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment. Shoes are included in the ride but be sure to get your size accordingly this can make or break your ride, you don't want them too tight. Going up a shoe size is recommended for spinning but go early before class to test shoes out for your level of comfort. Each bike comes with what they call 'locks' the shoes are special for the bikes and you snap into these locks on the bike to be able to spin effectively. That part alone gave me the confidence to not end up like the Amy Schumer gif above and to spin the way you can. You're not going anywhere in those bike locks!

You Will LOVE It

Did Someone Say Spin? Yes I did! You will love Cyclelogyl All it takes is pushing through those first sessions as they are always the hardest. Once you do, Spin, Rest, Spin, Repeat!

Webwithdunn Tips*

  1. Come with an open mind

  2. You will feel better

  3. Take the rest you need (I went too hard in the paint and had to take a 10-day hiatus to heal)

  4. Stretch Stretch Stretch

  5. Bring a friend

Share your experience you had at a Spin class


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