Black Owned Eateries in Springfield, IL

Updated: Jan 9

Black Owned Eateries In Springfield, IL

People often forget about the Capital of Illinois- The Land Of Lincoln. It's not Chicago if that's what you were thinking. It's Springfield. I spent a lot of my childhood here in my moms' hometown and while it doesn't give you those big-city feels like Chicago does it sure gives you a family-friendly hometown vibe. I had lost count the number of times I've been to Springfield but I knew this time, this trip, was going to be different. Amidst a pandemic, unsettling times, and when Black Lives Matter is finally getting the attention it deserves I knew it was time to venture out of my normal hotspots and find the Black-owned restaurants! I'll be honest Springfield, IL isn't exactly diverse in the way Atlanta, St. Louis, or even Detroit is, however, the amount of Black-Owned spots to choose from--- ranging between Barbeque to Seafood is enough to make you want to go to on a grand tour to all of local spots! You came to the right place because below is the curated list of the black-owned eatries in Springfield, IL that I found.

1.Anchors Away

Known for their seafood boils & cajun classics this Black-owned eatery is a popular downtown favorite. Opt for the low county boils or anything with seafood is my recommendation!

Address: 518 E Capitol Ave, Springfield, IL 62704

2. Nickey's Southern Style Kitchen

A newer addition to the Springfield Area and already making an impact in the community. With their well talked about mac n cheese and portions the size of kings and queens! It's a hidden gem according to some high praised google reviews. You can find the gem at Address: 330 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

3. Jerk Shop Go

Who knew you could get a taste of Jamaica in the Midwest? Nestled between the downtown buildings is Jerk Shop Go--I recommend the jerk tacos, the meat is seasoned to perfection and the flavors are explosive soon as you take a bite.

Find this location at Address: 213 S 5th St, Springfield, IL 62701

4.Greathouse Barbeque

This black-owned eatery is another hospitality hotspot serving Chicago style spare ribs prepared in an open pit grill and comfort food side dishes in a family-friendly environment.

Address: 4233 Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL 62711

5. MJ's Fish & Chicken Express

A local fast-food chain serving up fried chicken, catfish, hushpuppies & desserts. While It doesn't look like the traditional fast food place you might be used to seeing the food according to the town is anything but fast-food quality. Unfortunately, during my stay here in Springfield, they had to temporarily close due to a fire that broke out. If you're in the area keep an eye out for this one. Address: 716 E Enos Ave, Springfield, IL 62702

6. Ms. D's Kitchen & Grill

The black-owned restaurant that puts the soul back into the community. Serving signature soul food, including Ms. D's sweet tea and peach cobbler while having the upstairs be a space for art displays, poetry readings, and music classes. You can find the soulful kitchen & grill at Address: 1031 S 11th St, Springfield, IL 62703

Google Street View| Ms. D's Kitchen & Grill

7. Boyd's New Generation

Looking for a home-cooked style meal? Then look no further than this American fare restaurant serving meatloaf, catfish & fried chicken. A family-owned and operated spot to try! Find them here at Address: 1831 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

8. PT's BBQ

This Neighborhood sweet spot has been around since I was a little girl and maybe longer but this is always a must stop when coming to town. There is just something about the sauce on the wet smoked flavored ribs that has me coming back for more. Address: 601 S 9th St, Springfield, IL 62703

9. Clay's Popeyes Barbeque

Straight from the source, Clay's Popeyes BBQ is known for its sauce recipe which is more than 100 years old.  Springfieldians still call it the best.  It's the home of the "Blazin Heifer Sauce." The Clay's have continued to work hard and maintain the reputation in receiving community and civic awards, as did the Jones' restaurateurs.

Address: 1121 S Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62703

10. American Legion

While this joint isn't a restaurant -- it is a neighborhood hangout, that brings the crowds in with their fish dinners and soul food sides three days out of the week. You can catch them at the Address: 1800 E. Capitol Ave. Springfield, IL 62703

"Supporting Black is not a trend but a Lifestyle be the change!" ---Webwithdunn

Tell me a Black-owned spot you've had lately?