Better Than Sex?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Better Than Sex?

Indulge your imagination for a bit. Sultry, romantic and dark. Licking your lips because you feel the spark. Invading your mind like a dream making its mark. All the feelings coming at you at once until you open your eyes mesmerized by surprise that it's a creamy dessert giving you this feeling.

I had the opportunity as an early Valentine's Day treat to go to "Better Than Sex" dessert place in Orlando, FL with my guy and good friends to indulge in a night of wonder and awe. Here is my review and as always these are all Webwithdunn's personal opinions and words.

Below is a quick video snippet of our date night (I do not own rights to the music).

First Things First

Drinks are on the house! The drink menu is everything I imagined it would be to the fun drink names right down to the taste. They have selections for every taste bud Rimmed Beer, cocktails and shots, and even coffee type drinks. If you want to "Lick the Rim" there is an option of drinks for that too. This is the section my group stuck with for most of the night even though we had a little bit of everything. It all comes down to your preference and mood. In the top, left picture is called an "Adult Apple" a cider with a caramel drizzle. The drink next to it is called "Rosey Cheeks" A sweet sparkling shiraz with white chocolate and honey on the rim. (Get the wet toilette ready since you'll be licking honey off your fingers for hours). What's a group outing without a little gangbang- Oh I mean shots of course. Next, to the rim jobs we have a four-way of candy-inspired shooters named "GangBang". From the left: Key Lime Krack, Cotton Panties, Fiery Fornicator, & Honey Bunny I'll let your imagination run wild with imagining how those all taste. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the cotton panties. Last and not least in the below picture is the "Sex Appeal" a simple sparkling white Moscato in red sugar and White Chocolate Rimmed Glass. All the drinks are unique in their own way and licking the rim and then tasting your drink equals out in every way. Drinks are a must and the staff is there to help.

Need To Know

What you need to know is this is not a walk-in type of place even though reservations are not required. I'd say reservations need to be made and far in advance if you have a particular night in mind. I wouldn't test your luck just walking in thinking you will get a table, this place is a hot commodity. The restaurant is adults only due to its sex appeal and romantic vibes. If you don't want alcohol in your dessert they have a menu just for you so you can still be apart of the experience. If you aren't in Orlando, FL they have two other locations at the moment one in Key West and the other is in Savannah, GA. Take your pick. Better Than Sex also only serves desserts so make plans elsewhere for dinner and come for a nightcap and decadent desserts. The decor is dim light with a red velvet plush and dangling chandeliers with candles in every corner to set the mood, and as a cherry on top, small velvet curtains to divide the next table. It's small and intimate a perfect place for couples and a girls night.

Shot Flight Called "Gang Bang"

Dessert Dessert

If the drink menu isn't enough to satisfy your taste buds don't worry they have a whole selection of desserts with some that are infused with a little something extra. You won't know if it's the sugar rush, alcohol, the mood or all three? I would say the desserts can be pretty rich so maybe have a drink that isn't too sweet that can balance out the flavors. If sweet and richness doesn't bother you then get all the sweetness your body can handle! We all tried to get something different so we could try off one anothers plates and none of us left disappointed. From the left: we have a "Blueberry Birthday Suit "which is the Better Than Sex take on french toast with Belgian white chocolate, spiked blueberry compote and Brie cheese and a strawberry champagne soup to dip. Then we have their very popular dish "The Fever " a chocolate cake-Like brownie with Oozing warm chocolate pudding with vanilla bean balls to top it off. The last picture shown is "Perfect Partner" two vanilla bean balls squirted with a callebaut ( Belgian chocolate brand) white chocolate-the perfect Milkshake.

Is your mouth watering yet? But wait there's more...

Here we have the creme de le creme of all the desserts we tried. The "Cookie Nookie Pie!" An intense sweet pie with chocolate chip and pecan cookie filling wrapped in a flakey pie crust, vanilla bean ball, caramel and semi-sweet chocolate to match. (Woah!) We all had a great time laughing and catching up while enjoying desserts and drinks and of course in a kid-like fashion making jokes around the menu names. If you need a dessert go-to make Better Than Sex your spot. Lick, Sip, & Repeat.

Let Me know if you have ever been to Better Than Sex and what your favorite Dessert is?


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