Austin Texas: A Food Guide For The First-Timer

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Austin Texas: A Food Guide For The First-Timer

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf

Web with me while I bring you a food guide in my experience in Austin, Texas with all the tasty spots I was able to try. You need a day or three to get around and try all the different options that Austin, TX has to offer. Maybe a second stomach too...


If you love mouth-watering wings, a variety of flavors to choose from, fried mac n cheese, and fried pickle spears. #Pluckers is the best place to go for wings in Austin, TX. They have multiple locations in Texas too. The best service out of all the food experiences in Texas was here at Pluckers we had the best server and he was so helpful when trying to pick the best flavor sauce for my wings. (If you didn't know, chicken wings are my jam, I take it seriously). With 24 flavors to choose from, and the ability to be able to mix and match flavors it was a hard task to pick. Luckily, the server let me try as many sauces as I needed to make a decision. From the sweet Dr. Pepper sauce to the ginger peach sriracha sauce you won't be disappointed in the array of options. Now, Let's talk the fried mac n cheese, this was so delicious, a party in my mouth, a must appetizer on the menu. Do not pass go, STOP and order this that is all I can say. If you love wings go to Pluckers!

Breakfast Spot Alert!

It's worth The wait. Kerby Lane is the name of the game! This wasn't the original choice for my breakfast adventure, but due to drunken circumstances on 6th St it was a good second choice. The next morning was in need of some hearty breakfast as a cure and some quality H20 as well. For my choice of food, I stuck with the breakfast favorites options and picked the Eggs Francisco. An English muffin topped with all-natural bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, queso, and home fries & fruit on the side. Anything queso involved is a must while in #Austin, there is just something about how it tastes. It's like no place else. #KerbyLane Continues to be a must for an Austin, Texas breakfast, so if you're in the neighborhood stop by. |WebWithDunn Tip* (Try and call ahead if you want to try this place out, it will save you some time wait time when we arrived was about 30-45 minutes.|

Did Someone Say Bar-B-Que?

LA Barbecue to be exact. I gotta say barbecue in Texas is a little different at least Austin, Texas. Being from Florida, I'm used to baked beans and mac n cheese as a side. Here in Austin expect potato salad and pinto beans. I was very thrown off as I assumed I was going to get baked beans, but I should've known when I read the menu and all it said was beans. Nevertheless, it was good eatin'! I don't recommend going to any barbecue place in Austin later in the day as the restaurants start to run out of food and options are limited and as far as La Barbecue they use a lot of dill seasoning, if you're into that flavor it will be heaven. I think dill can be a little overpowering if used too much and that was my experience. Fun fact though, I did learn from a local that La Barbecue's owner is the sister of the very famous and talked about Franklin's barbecue where they can have almost hours of wait time and you're still not guaranteed food. The local informed that the brother runs Franklin's and the sister runs La Barbecue and they're mostly the same. Welcome to Texas!

Save Room For Dessert!

GOURDOUGHS DONUTS. Make it happen. They have two locations one in their food trailer or the one on South Lamar. I visited the Trailer location, so I missed out on the donut burger, however; that just makes for the next time. Gourdough's makes the donuts fresh and has so many delicious options! It took about twenty minutes just to decide which concoction I wanted because of the descriptions of each donut choice, plus it was a chilly night and if you have ever been cold and trying to decide on what to eat it's a hard task. I stuck with what I know and went with the "Black Out." The Black Out is a donut with chocolate icing and a brownie batter filling topped with brownie bites and chocolate chips. Yum! The donut itself just melts in your mouth like cotton candy and tastes like funnel cake. Needless to say, I couldn't finish the donut in one sitting but made it's way to Florida with me. Donut miss out on all the sweet goodness and head to Gourdoughs when in Austin, Texas.

I Want To TACO'Bout It!

#TipsyChick Taco at Torchy Tacos

Torchy's Tacos! This restaurant is a solid second in my ranking of foodie spots after Pluckers! It was difficult not to want to order the whole menu. The layout is simple, you stand in line and order at the counter they give you a number and you can either pick a table and hang your order number on the hook provided or wait by the kitchen area for your order to be up. You, also have a choice between corn or flour tortilla with any taco selections you choose and the prices couldn't be better. I had to get at least two tacos because one just isn't enough when you see the menu. From the top photo, this taco is called Tipsy Chick. The taco is stuffed with chicken fajitas, fresh spinach, grilled corn, and green chiles. It also has baby spinach, cheddar cheese with chipotle ranch, with a bacon/bourbon marmalade to boot. Woo-wee it was tasty!

Brushfire Taco at #TorchysTacos

Here we have what is called the Brushfire taco. This taco has a little bit more kick to it so if you're not a fan of spicy I would recommend something on the lighter side. In the Brushfire taco, you can expect Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled jalapenos, mango, sour cream, & cilantro with Diablo sauce. This is such a great place to go to when you want a quick bite or just want some good ol' tacos.

Final Thoughts...

In N' Out Burger Joint in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is a food lover's dream with all varieties and flavors of food you can think of. Give yourself time to explore the food options and plan the restaurants out. Some of them are right next door to one another and you can kill two birds with one stone. I encourage you to also talk to the locals when you can, after all, it's their city and they know best. Here are my last few recommended spots to hit when you visit Austin, TX:

  • HomeSlice- Pizza Joint

  • Salt Lick- Barbecue

  • Magnolia Cafe

  • Bangers

  • Little Lucy's

What's On Your List?