An Open Letter to 2021


What. A. Year. I’m raising my hat to all the scientists, medical workers, delivery riders, and just about every single soul who has worked so, so hard to just keep life running. But thankfully, we get to turn a page to 2021.

Here it is, a new year! Finally. We did it. We made it through, and that alone is enough of an accomplishment. We may get so excited at the beginning of the year with our new goals and overzealous declarations — I know I’ve done it — but what if we toss out everything we think we know and just be? Last year sure showed us that we know nothing and that with each passing year, life becomes more and more precious. Over the holiday break, I started writing down my thoughts in the Notes section of my phone. I in no way completed any of what my mind had hoped to complete or have done by that first Monday of the New Year, and let’s be honest, it probably won’t get completed even in this first month, but I will mark “DONE!” beside each thought that I’ve written down at some point — ease into the year.



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