14 Romantic Spots To Eat In Jacksonville, FL for Valentine's Day

14 Romantic Spots To Eat In Jacksonville, FL for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is almost here and if you're like me then finding where to go might be a task. An array of places to choose from but can't make a decision? Then you put it on your significant other and they're just as bad and now you both are in this back and forth battle of what you should do when time is running out to make a decision! The dreaded words when you are hungry---"Honey, what do you want to eat?" I find the best plan is to narrow the choices down is to choose your top three, then to close your eyes, count to three and then place your finger down. Once you open your eyes wherever your pointer finger has landed that is the restaurant you go with. Narrowing it down to three makes for less disappointment due to all options being a preference. It doesn't have to be a task - In fact- it can be simple when someone gives you options-- like myself! Here is a curated list of 14 places (14 - because you know of Valentine's Day) for you in Jacksonville, Florida and I hope it helps with picking your romantic spot for Valentine's Day.

1. Orsay

Why it's romantic? Orsay has a French cuisine, with the inside having an intimate feel and food that is top-notch with an impressive dessert line-up and service to match.

Menu: restaurantorsay.com

Reservations: opentable.com

2. 111 Forks

Why it's romantic? In the beautiful Tapestry park area, 111 Forks is a modern Chophouse-with a glass wine room, service that will have you coming back for more, and mood lighting for that elegant ambiance perfect for you next romantic spot on Valentine's Day.

Menu: places.singleplatform.com

Reservations: opentable.com

3. Taverna

Why it's romantic? Located in the beautiful San Marco-- stepping into Taverna doesn't feel like you're in Jacksonville. With a creative Italian cuisine menu and wine pairings that make everything better, you and your date will be glad this was your choice.

Menu: taverna.restaurant

Reservations: opentable.com

4. Cowford Chophouse

Why it's romantic? With exceptional hospitality and a coastal chophouse feel, it’s a home away from home. A place that leaves a mark with the food you’ll crave and a view on their rooftop that is the perfect romantic spot for Valentine's Day.

Menu: places.singleplatform.com

Reservations: opentable.com

Source: Cowford Chophouse

5. bb's Restaurant +Bar

Why it's romantic? It's a groovy place to be according to their slogan. Located in Jacksonville’s South Bank Area, bb's restaurant and bar has a stylish charm it will be hard to turn away. With a house-made dessert menu and a wine selection that is pretty good, this bistro could be in your top three selection for Valentine's Day.

Menu: bbsrestaurant.com

Reservations: bbsrestaurant.com, resy.com

6. Eleven South

Why it's Romantic- With the white cloth tables and an extensive wine list, Eleven South is a good spot if you want to be close to the beach. You're close enough to the beach for an after-dinner beach walk.

Reservations: opentable.com


7. Bistro+Bar Aix

Why it's romantic? According to the Bistro+Bar Aix website, "the menu is meant to reflect the "laissez-faire attitude of the European dining experience". Talk about romantic! With the exposed brick walls and the open chef's kitchen, I'd say you would be walking into a dining experience like no other.

Menu: bistrox.com

Reservations: opentable.com

8. Marker 32

Why it's romantic? Marker 32 has views of the Intracoastal Waterway, coastal classics to eat that are plated for a King + Queen and a romantic atmosphere to put that cherry on top. Reservations will definitely be needed for this restaurant.

Menu: marker32.com

Reservations: marker32.com, resy.com

9. Wine Cellar

Why it's romantic? As mentioned on Wine Cellar's website they describe the atmosphere as a "warm ambiance of a French countryside as you dine beneath the shade of a majestic oak tree in their brick-paved garden."With constant evolving dishes to the presentation, this is surely a Jacksonville food landmark. Perfect for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner in Jacksonville, Fl.

Menu: winecellarjax.com

Reservations: winecellarjax.com, opentable.com

10. Enza's Italian Restaurant

Why it's romantic? Nestled away in a strip mall - you wouldn't know it was a white tablecloth eatery serving up Italian cuisine and giving you live music daily. Using local ingredients that explore the limits of your senses with amazing food at affordable prices.

Menu: enzas.net

Reservations: opentable.com

Source: Unsplash

11. River & Post

Why it's romantic? River & Post is trendy with the scenic views of Jacksonville on their rooftop amongst the contemporary design and decor. From tapas- to steak and seafood River and Post has it all for you and your date.

Menu: places.singleplatform.com

Reservations: riverandpostjax.com, resy.com

12. Mezza Luna Ristorante

Why it's romantic? it's in the heart of the Beaches Town Center as a neighborhood favorite with an upscale flair. With the Mezza Luna Ristorante serving Italian classics and having a wood fire oven-- your taste buds are bound to be pleasantly satisfied.

Menu: mezzarestaurantandbar.com

Reservations: mezzarestaurantandbar.com, opentable.com

13. Black Sheep

Why It's Romantic? You will get a bird's eye view of the city from the rooftop and with the sleek modern building Black Sheep is anything from ordinary. The combination of flavors in their food is unique and will have you wanting more - so save room for dessert!

Menu: blacksheep5points.com

Reservations: blacksheep5points.com, opentable.com

Source: Unsplash

14.Town Hall Restaurant Jacksonville

Why it's romantic? It's newer to the Jacksonville scene giving Town Hall the appeal on Valentine's Day to try something new and refreshing. Located in the historic San Marco area it will give you the community feels you want and the community tastes you desire. Make this your romantic spot for Valentine's Day this year.

Menu: townhalljax.com

Reservations: townhalljax.com, opentable.com

With the views of the St. Johns River, some great beaches and dozens of restaurants that put flavor and hospitality above it all, how could the First Coast not be romantic? Jacksonville, Fl has a great food scene- tell me did I miss any romantic spots?


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