10 Virtual Field Trips For Kids During Social Distancing

10 Virtual Field Trips For Kids During Social Distancing

Schools around the country have been ongoing with virtual learning for about two months now and with the new mandate to keep the virtual school going through the end of the school year-- I think as parents and teachers its time we give ourselves and our kids a Field-Trip day! No permission slip needed. I've compiled a list of ten virtual field trips for kids to experience fun but safely inside the home to keep social distancing alive. Technology has come a long way to be able to experience all the places around the world sitting on the couch with a click of a button. I've done the hard work in finding the field trips now all you have to do is pick one of them or choose them all! Grab a snack, put on those smiles, and enjoy your virtual field trip!

1. Take a Trip To Mars

Is your little one into Space exploration and all things planets then look no further and head to Mars on this Space adventure! NASA has sent orbiters, rovers, and landers to Mars for years, probing the planet and snapping photos of a barren landscape at once forbidding and familiar. Now it is at our fingertips to explore in the virtual world- so get your little astronauts ready for the ultimate field trip experience.

2. The Australian Zoo

Take a trip to the WILD side and head to the Australian Zoo and see what wildlife encounters await! Rhinos, Lemurs, and Koala's oh my! Take a tour with Robert Irwin's as he shows you around!

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3. A Yellowstone National Park

The first established National Park is now a destination that's accessible to virtual travelers. A perfect field trip for the kids to be fully engaged. The interactive maps are a great way to see the park, but the kids will be really excited about the old Faithful Geyser live-stream and the opportunity to make their own predictions for its next eruption. Talk about a fun time!

4. The Museum

One of the most prestigious museums in the US is the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. You can move at your own pace through the 360-degree room-by-room tour of every exhibit in the museum. There is so much to see and explore on this adventure-filled field trip!

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5. Head To The Farm

You'll get a MOOoo perspective of what farms are actually like with this virtual field trip. Learn about all the farm animals and how they're important to farm life and how it impacts everyday life as well. Collect eggs, measure a pony, and milk a goat in this fun-filled farm adventure!

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6. Go To A Broadway

While this might be the shortest Broadway you have ever been to it's perfect for the kids to hold their attention and see it from a 360 perspective. From the Crowd-- to the Stage, to even backstage. If you have a VR set it can enhance the experience

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7. Japanese Cherry Blossoms Around The World

Now that spring is here, it's time to swoon over the cherry blossom trees. Unfortunately, traveling to see them in person isn't in the cards right now but with a simple click of a button, Google Earth has made it easy for you to experience the natural beauty firsthand.

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8. Walt Disney World

Disney had to be on the list right? This is one of many parks you can actually get a virtual tour with but any kid will enjoy the happiest place on earth! Make some Disney treats, take a ride, and watch the fireworks all from the comforts of home. It might not be the same as experiencing it the first time but it can come close when you put your imagination cap on and let the magic in.

9. The Aquarium

The GA Aquarium has some of the best live streams to see all the whale sharks, manta rays, and thousands of other fascinating fish. With so much to learn and see you surely won't be bored at this fun interactive aquarium.

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Do we have any lego fans here? Take a peek inside the Legoland Resort in the virtual tour! The Great Lego Race and Miniland USA are just two of the attractions you can see. Get your Lego fans and let the imagination run wild.

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