10 Simple Summertime Activities For Kids

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

10 Simple Summertime Activities For Kids

Summer Summer Summertime! Long days & Summer Rays. Summer is in session and it’s been hot and busy! If you’re a mom like me Summer can be a little stressful. Not only because of the realities of being home with two kids with nothing to do but because I wanted more from the season for all of us. I had summer FOMO, mom style. This lead to overplanning and scheduling and that wasn’t how I wanted the summer to be at all. What did I do instead...

I made a list!

Ok, before you roll your eyes hear me out. I was so busy keeping schedules that I forgot what Summer was about. Unstructured, carefree, spontaneous days. Previous summers and even part of this summer were filled with summer camps and VBS and I thought it would be a win-win situation. My oldest would be able to participate in all the Summer fun that I was avoiding because her younger sister was sure to have a toddler meltdown in the middle of whatever "enjoyable" activity we'd planned. I'd have one less child to worry about during the day. However, one feeling came over me- guilt! I realized I shouldn’t be trying to conquer Summer I just want to roll with it. Here are my 10 Summer activities I recommend to just go with the flow.

1. Free-range play - All play no rules! Letting your kids play on their own, set boundaries then step back.

2. Have an outdoor Picnic- nothing like dollar tree and Party City supplies and old blankets to create some magic- Keep. It. Simple.

3. Do a DIY craft- Slime is always fun or it can be more on the yummy side like baking a summer dessert.

4. Pool, Splash Pads, and Beach Days- these activities you have no choice but to roll with it.

5. Stay Local- Most likely your town or city has kid events that are free or at a summer discount rate free. Take advantage for sure.

6. Park Play- Is the best play. I like to find different parks locally so that there is something new to look forward too each time we go to the park. Thankfully my city has plenty to choose from.

7. Hands-on Museums - Any kid-friendly museum is perfect for those summer rainy afternoons matched with a movie too.

8. Get Messy! Water balloon fights, shaving cream art and finger paint with pudding.

9. Afternoon At The Library- An educational activity that can still be fun and laid back.

10. Kid architect- Take it old school and build a fort and then for the cherry on the top get in the fort with your kids. You will feel like a kid again. Promise.

It’s really all about having fun! Pushed back bedtimes and making memories that last with your kids. Tell me all the Summer activities you do with your kids?