10 Reasons Why Older Siblings Get The Short End Of The Stick

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

10 Reasons Why Older Siblings Get The Short End Of The Stick

As you're reading this you may be the youngest of the bunch or even the middle child of your family. If you're an only child well you may have very well escaped the childhood quarrels between a sibling. I am definitely completely bias of my opinion since I am in fact the older sibling, but I'll be sure to keep an open mind for the younger and middle siblings out there. This topic of discussion is and forever will be a fight among families but the older siblings know we get the short end of the stick.

Reason 1

The oldest is the guinea pig. As a mom of two girls, I know all too well that when you have your first child it's all trial and error. No matter the amount of advice you receive from your circle or strangers it doesn't stick until you actually experience it or go through it yourself. There is no handbook so you figure it out and then whatever doesn't work you make sure not to do with the next since no two children are alike.

Reason 2

You were blamed for everything because even if you weren’t the one at fault, “you are older and you should know better.”This is the oldest line in the book when it comes to older siblings. I seriously have to catch myself, I say this to my oldest too and it isn't always here fault but it comes with the territory.

Reason 3

You end up being mommy and daddy's little helper aka baby grunt work the way to make you feel special, and you do because you don't know better and are happy to help in your youth. I have to say even though I think it is a valid reason as to why older siblings get the short end of the stick it also comes in handy. My oldest is a great helper to her younger sister but she is also becoming of that age where she recognizes it and doesn't want to help as much.

Reason 4

Despite their nuances, you were and are the only person ever allowed to tease or beat them up. As the oldest, you are first born rights to tease and bully but no one else is allowed too. Of course, this only goes as far until they are old enough to bully you back. If anyone ever crossed those lines of picking on your little brother or sister you are sure going to step in.

Reason 5

The oldest is usually the one to be called bossy which I think is an even playing field because I have met some bossy younger siblings. My youngest for instance is much more bossy than my oldest. Not all older siblings are bossy but we get the label.

Reason 6

At a very young age, the oldest sibling is taught that you will influence your younger siblings so you have to be the role model as they will look up to you. Hey! It's our first rodeo too trying to figure this life out.

Reason 7

“You never let ME do that when I was younger” has been spoken from your mouth more times than you can count. Now, arguments can be had that if you're a girl vs boy, parents were just different with you because of the crazy times and although that might be true, it's still a little unfair when it happens. I'm almost certain my younger brother was able to hang out at the mall sooner in age than I was. Grades were the biggest thing in my childhood household and I was put through the wringer compared to the slap on the hand my brother received.

Reason 8

You couldn't get away with anything because those younger sibling tattle tails would go running back to mom and dad with any secrets you told them and even when you would trip or pin them to the ground trying your hardest so they wouldn't tell or make a truce you would still end up getting in trouble because eventually, they found out.

Reason 9

The younger siblings always would get praise and love bestowed upon them by your parents just for, you know, existing. You just stare at them through their soul knowing that they could cough and would get a participation trophy. The small tablespoon of resentment lingering and scoffing.

Reason 10

You still call them your "baby" sister or brother its habit and you make sure it's known that you're the oldest. Even if they're taller than you like my brother is.

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I'm sure all the older siblings of the world could write a book about their childhood experiences and what it actually meant to be the oldest. When most days you just wished to be an only child or wish that your siblings experienced what you did. However, with all the negative comes the positive you wouldn't change it for the world all those childhood memories of taking roughhousing a little too far and freaking out when they got hurt because you really didn't mean it and you didn't want to get spanked or grounded. Maybe even lying for them just to say you owe me one or maybe not lying for them so they would get in trouble but it was for their own good. Whatever the reason may be the short end of the stick or not with all the annoyances added as a bonus you know you have each other's back through thick and thin and all good parents love all siblings the same or that's at least what they tell you.

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